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Recent social and economic upheaval has challenged Australian small businesses like never before. So, to help you and your staff bounce back, TAFE NSW has a range of Australian and NSW Government subsidised training opportunities for you, your business, and your team.

Whether you’re an employer looking to start a school leaver, apprentice or trainee, or you have existing employees looking to take the next step, you’ll find subsidised programs to help rebuild, re-skill, and upskill.

Explore our range of options, or contact TAFE NSW on 1300 045 737 to discuss how we can find the subsidised training that’s right for your business.

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Subsidised Government Training Programs Available

Foundation Skills for Your FutureFoundation Skills for Your Future

If you need to build critical language, literacy, numeracy, and digital (LLND) skills, the Foundation Skills for Your Future Program can help you to meet the skill needs required by employers.

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Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP)Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP)

If you’re hiring migrants or refugees who need to develop the essential speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills to thrive within your business, they may be eligible for free English lessons.

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When you’re looking to start or further your career in agriculture, the AgSkilled program provides training and funding to help increase your level of skill within the industry.

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Women in Business Women in Business

If you’re a woman looking to start your own business, or a woman who already has, you can take advantage of the fully subsidised* Women in Business program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Upskilling is when someone undertakes training, with a training provider like TAFE NSW, to build additional skills that help them perform their current job even better, or to give them the edge they need to step up within your organisation.

When your team undergoes upskill training, they will learn the skills and knowledge to perform their duties better and more efficiently, improving their career and helping your business to grow.

When you’re looking for team development training to upskill your staff, our TAFE NSW teachers, each with years of experience within your industry and with upskilling learners, can instil the essential skills and knowledge they need to help your business thrive.

JobTrainer is targeted towards the sectors that have been identified as growth areas. This means that when your team participates in upskill training, they will develop skills and knowledge essential to success, now and in the future. And because TAFE NSW can tailor upskill training programs to teams from all levels of business, the skills they develop today will ensure that they have a solid foundation for future learning and upskilling opportunities.

The JobTrainer program will offer an extensive range of SME training, across a range of industries, including preparation for work and training, agriculture, business services, community services, construction, cooking and baking, digital media and technology, maritime, engineering, civil construction, and floristry - all designed to upskill your team members and boost your business. To learn more about a training course area that interests you, contact us on 1300 045 737.

JobTrainer can help your team development through a variety of business-specific fee-free* and low cost upskilling and training programs. Contact TAFE NSW to discuss which team development programs will best suit your staff and help grow your business.