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Careers that give back

Perhaps not surprisingly, most of these jobs involve helping others. Sometimes they even involving helping other species.

Careers that give back

Finding your place in the working world is daunting for everyone. The thought of grinding away in a joyless job is a shared fear. But this limited thinking doesn't take into account the many career areas available that can lift the spirit and provide a warm, fuzzy glow on a daily basis.

Community outreach worker

This is all about connecting with the community. Usually with people who are underprivileged or disaffected, such as those with addiction problems or the homeless. It's liaising between community programs or services and the people in the community who need them. Cultural sensitivity is essential as this line of work often involves interacting with different ethnic and cultural groups.

Personal trainer

It can be extremely rewarding for a personal trainer to help people reach their fitness goals and see their clients gain confidence as their health and fitness levels improve.

Veterinarian assistant

Does it get any better and fuzzy-wuzzy than working with animals? You'll assist vets during consultations, examinations and treatments. You'll work closely with animals in pre and post-operative care, and your job can often involve comforting and reassuring distressed animals.

Early childhood educator

For people who love children, there are multiple rewards and benefits from supervising, entertaining and educating them. Most of which usually come from the children themselves. An early childhood education and care worker is interested in the social, emotional and educational development of their young charges in settings such as child care centres, hospitals and educational centres.

Enrolled nurse

This is a very hands-on and personal role, working closely with people who are often at their most vulnerable. An enrolled nurse provides most of a patient's personal care, as well as some administration of some medications. They work in a range of different settings including hospital wards, aged care facilities, operating theatres or in community settings such as Aboriginal Medical Services.


Get your hands dirty and make little things grow. Or big things. Whether it's a modest flower bed in a city park or planting a whole forest of eucalypts, working closely with nature can be a deeply satisfying experience. Plus you'll get to learn some cool Latin names. Dianthus caryophyllus anyone?

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