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Enhance leadership skills on the job

With the flexibility of online education via TAFE NSW, you can add management to your skill-set while you are working.

Enhance leadership skills on the job

Small digital steps open doors

Studying online created a new career future for electrician Ben Josephs.

“I was looking for a course that would enable me to improve my management skills as well learn about running a business,” says Ben. He started with a TAFE NSW short course in Leadership and Management. That went so well, he’s moved onto a Diploma of Leadership and Management.

“I needed the flexibility of being able to study online while working full-time as an electrician at Red Earth Electrical, but also needed to access teaching support and learning facilities in Dubbo.

“I’m really enjoying the Diploma,” says Ben. “And I have made improvements to the strategic and operational plans for the business as a result of my study.”


Valued staff add value

Owner of Red Earth Electrical, Hale Gordon, says Ben has grown strongly into the role of supervisor.

“Ben took the initiative to study at TAFE NSW when he began with the business,” says Hale. “The course has given him a greater understanding of how to manage employers, deal with different personalities and mentor staff which he is now doing daily in his role.

“I encourage all my staff to take the opportunity to invest in themselves through training and development. Not only does it lead to greater opportunities, but increases positive self-worth.”


Degree options to build commercial skills

TAFE NSW also offers Bachelor Degrees, including a Bachelor of Business tailored for people who are working in small or medium-sized business and want to add high-level leadership and management skills to their arsenal.


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