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Animation skills lead to career fulfilment

Samuel went from comic book scribbler to an animation career.

Animation skills lead to career fulfilment

NSW Government House comes alive

Samuel Munt says it wasn’t always obvious to take a love of comics into a career in animation. But now he's graduated with a Bachelor of 3D Art and Animation from TAFE NSW Design Centre Enmore, it all seems like it should have been a no-brainer.

“I draw a lot. I always have drawn,” says Samuel. “When I was about 15 I designed a comic book, and then from that, found that in my spare time all the time I was constantly drawing."


Imagine doing what you LOVE!

“As I got older, I was able to see that I could turn those drawings into moving pictures and then at that point in time I didn't feel there was a great deal of courses available.” 

Then TAFE NSW came onto Samuel’s radar. Instead of jobs he didn’t like much, he started a study pathway that has taken him to Vivid Sydney and beyond.

“Once I had an understanding, I felt that the only piece of the puzzle I needed to fill in was the animation.

Imagine studying with people who love the same stuff!

“It's a class of like-minded students. So, they're people that have chosen to continue on learning those studies. So, they're people that really want to be there,” says Samuel.

But it wasn’t just the vibe of his classmates that helped fuel Samuel’s drive towards success.

Teachers are passionate experts too

"They've had an outstanding amount of students that have gone on into industry, at industry levels,” Samuel said, describing how TAFE NSW Design Centre Enmore’s reputation influenced his decision to study.

“They're incredibly professional and they run the school in the same way it is in the industry, so there's not a big contrast when you go across.

“We also have teachers that are all from the industry so they're able to give opinions, standards, procedures that are used in the industry, so it's not very far removed. It's run very similar.”

It’s not all about passion

The supportive environment of TAFE NSW has also contributed greatly to his success.

“The decision to go with TAFE NSW over another university or campus was purely because of the support structure that TAFE offers. So, there were times throughout the first year when I was working as well, and they were able to include that work and still allow me to progress with the course I was doing.”

Leading to a career buzz

Samuel explains how Vivid Sydney 2018 had been a study and career highlight for him.

“We were speaking to people who had been in the industry dealing with light projection on buildings. It was very eye-opening. It’s something that not many institutes get to show their students, and not only did we learn about it, we got to participate. That participation led to a Gold Standard Award for our entire year for that light projection on Government House.”

“There was a team from an Indigenous school (TAFE NSW Eora), which was fantastic, and there was also a team doing sound that was from TAFE NSW music. We were able to collaborate and really come together, and the award shows what we achieved.

“It's an opportunity that would not have been available anywhere else.”

And it’s an opportunity that has led to a priceless traineeship with Animal Logic.

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