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Start your career in Human Resources, Training, and Assessment

With technology rapidly changing the face of all industries, a career in Human Resources, Training and Assessment has never been more in demand.

Start your career in Human Resources, Training, and Assessment

Do you possess strong communication and organisational skills? Are you a natural when it comes to forming strong, productive working relationships across many different teams? Then a career in Human Resources and Training might be perfect for you.

Human Resources, Training, and Assessment is a sector that has experienced incredible growth over the last few decades – and that growth doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.

With rapid change occurring across all sectors, there’s an increased need for trained human resources professionals to provide both strategic and practical support to organisations. As well, training and assessment will have an even greater focus going forward, because of the need to either train new recruits, or retrain the existing workforce in the skills needed to fill the demands of evolving job roles.

Spotlight on a strong industry

According to a recent report by Deloitte Access Economics*, the Australian human resources workforce is forecast to see sound growth, growing from 218,000 persons in 2016-17 to 245,000 persons in 2021-22. Add to this the increase need for qualified trainers and assessors, and it’s clear that this is a segment that can offer a diverse, rewarding career for the right candidate.

But how do you become the right candidate? Just like many other careers, it does come down to having the right skills and training. Not only do you need to possess the relevant knowledge, but you also need to know how to apply that knowledge in a rapidly changing environment.    

Spotlight on industry career: Human resources

Increasing awareness of professional ethics and corporate responsibility amongst corporations, businesses and organisations are expected to drive growth in the HR sector. There are many skills that a good HR employee will possess but, apart from the necessary legislative knowledge that applies to the individual sectors, the traits employers are looking for in future HR hires are: 


Your career pathway

TAFE NSW offers a variety of courses that can lead to a lucrative and fulfilling career in HR, training, and assessment. Not only will our industry experienced instructors teach you the latest knowledge relevant to the industry, but you’ll also learn all the soft skills that are in such high demand by employers.  

Examples of TAFE NSW courses aligned to Human Resources, Training and Assessment:

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