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Rise to the baking career challenge

A TAFE NSW course can take you a lot of places. In the shorter term, it can take you to Melbourne for a bake-off.

Rise to the baking career challenge

The Australian baking industry is currently facing a nationwide shortage of chefs and pastry cooks. This means that a TAFE NSW baking qualification can take you to an amazing, in-demand career. It took Zachary and Tristan went to Melbourne to compete at the 2019 National Excellence in Baking Awards.

Baking off against the best

In Melbourne, Zachary was battling for the title of National Apprentice Pastry Cook. And Tristan, who is a Retail Baking course, took part in the National Apprentice Baker competition.

Tristan had already taken home the prestigious title of Australasian Baking Apprentice of the Year at the LA Judge Competition in Sydney. 

Qualifications to take you around the world

Zacharay is well on the way to an international career, having decided to move to Belgium to train at the internationally renowned Callebaut Chocolate Academy.

“Baking allows me to be creative with pastries and sweet treats, but also to use a great deal of precision and skill,” Zachary says.

“It’s really fun to make cakes and have to figure things out when something goes wrong. I would like to own a business one day but right now am taking a step at a time and will wait to see how I go in Belgium.”


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