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Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Written Direction No. WDPSB18206
Approved by: General Manager People & Safety
Approval Date: 1 September 2018
Effective From: 3 September 2018

1. Introduction

TAFE NSW is committed to creating a workplace that fosters diversity and practices inclusion.

2. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to inform TAFE NSW employees of our approach to Diversity and Inclusion and their responsibilities.

3. Scope

This policy applies to all TAFE NSW employees and contractors.

4. Policy

TAFE NSW is committed to creating a workplace where dignity, trust, respect and the promotion of diversity and inclusion is valued. The Code of Conduct reinforces this commitment and it is consistent with TAFE NSW values.

The Principles that support our culture are:

  1. We are committed to a One TAFE culture that is supportive, collaborative and customer-focused where all employees are valued for their contribution.
  2. We are committed to providing an environment that is culturally safe where all our people feel spiritually, socially and emotionally safe.
  3. To deliver the skills of the future we must leverage the full potential of all our people.
  4. We will invest in building capability and creating a culture that enables all our employees to contribute and deliver excellence.
  5. We will provide more employment and inclusion opportunities to Aboriginal peopl
  6. We will have a diverse workforce that reflects the communities we serve.
  7. We will be accountable for fostering a working environment that is free from prejudice.
  8. We will set measurable targets and seek feedback on progress from our employees.
  9. Diversity and Inclusion is a continuous journey for TAFE NSW and we aim to be an employer of choice and be known for our inclusive culture and diverse workforce.

The current Diversity and Inclusion priorities have been determined through consultation with key stakeholders, analysing existing student and employee data and cross referencing the findings from the TAFE NSW Organisational Health Survey.

TAFE NSW has an ongoing commitment and future Diversity and Inclusion priorities will be determined by analysing employee and student data, consultation with employees, feedback from employee networks and external consultation.

5. Responsibilities



GM People and Safety

The GM People and Safety is the Approver of this Policy.

All Employees of TAFE NSW

Employees of TAFE NSW are responsible for contributing to a culture that values diversity and practices inclusion.

All Managers of TAFE NSW

Managers of TAFE NSW are responsible for creating a culture that values diversity and practices inclusion.

6. Definitions




Differences such as; age, gender, disability, ethnicity, marital or family status, religious or cultural background, sexual orientation and gender identity.


Is the practice of valuing and respecting all people and the unique qualities and perspectives they offer.

7. Related documents

This policy should be read in conjunction with the following related documents:

  1. Code of Conduct
  2. TAFE NSW Empowering Aboriginal people through employment
  3. Diversity and Inclusion Plan 2018-19


Accountable Officer: Head of Strategy and Planning People and Safety

Written Direction Officer: Diversity Manager

Document information and review

This policy document will be reviewed at least every two years.

Record No.: DOC18/127297
Review Due: 3 September 2020

Approval History



Approved by



3 September 2018

General Manager People and Safety

New policy to support the TAFE NSW Diversity and Inclusion Strategy