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Make your degree work for you

You’re working hard to get your degree. But what happens when you graduate? These 5 steps will make sure that you get the job you’re looking for.

 Make your degree work for you

Consider the job-scape

The workforce is an ever-changing landscape, particularly with technological developments. So you need to think about your degree and how it will make you job-ready for the future.

We face a job market that is constantly changing and the fact is, some careers may not exist by the time you graduate. On the other hand, new industries are always growing and emerging. Do your research to ensure your degree can set you on the right career path.

Find your passion 

They say if you love your work, you won’t work a day in your life. We’d like to believe that’s true but there are ups and downs in any job. Even so, when you love your work there are more ups and fewer downs. Only you know what brings you joy. Find a career that leans into it. It’s likely that there is a degree that will lead you directly into the job you want.

Be willing to work for it 

You still need to work hard for your passion. Not everything you do in your field is going to be amazing but you have to be willing earn your stripes. Anything is worth doing if you’re learning new skills and creating networks that point you in the right direction. 

Find a study environment that suits you. Apply yourself. Say yes to opportunities related to your degree. Including… 

Work experience 

I can’t stress enough how important work experience and internships are to landing a job after you graduate. Your degree will give you the knowledge and skills to enter a profession. Work experience is where get to see how those skills can be applied in the workplace. And it might be the thing that sets you apart from other graduates.

You can learn from every experience but know your rights. It’s very uncommon, but some employers can take advantage of interns. TAFE NSW students are often paired as interns with organisations and enterprises. This can be done in a number of ways, but usually through your teachers. Check out other ways TAFE NSW can help you develop skills to manage your career into the future.

Be willing to upskill 

There is always more to learn. If you are in your first job and you want to get ahead, or you have realised that you are still missing a few key skills, you have plenty of options to upskill with TAFE NSW without giving up your day job. TAFE NSW has short course and flexible delivery options that can fit into your schedule. 

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