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Start your career in Agriculture

If you’re looking to nurture your skills to earn a great qualification in the Agriculture industry, it pays to look to the future.

Start your career in Agriculture

If you have a passion for plants and animals, geology, sustainability and the great outdoors, studying Agriculture could be a perfect fit for you.

With ongoing technological advancements, and innovative new products and initiatives, this sector can offer you the chance to make a difference to the environment, and to the people of Australia.

Spotlight on industry: Forecasting growth

While challenging weather conditions impacted 2018 crop yields, the outlook for the Australian agricultural industry remains positive. Revenue is expected to climb 7.5% over the next five years, with forecasts estimating revenue to reach $102.6 billion in 2023.

Driven by global restrictions on the supply of crops and grains, prices are expected to rise throughout 2019. And despite the drought challenges throughout Australia’s east, the livestock industry also performed well.

Fueled by an enduring high Asian demand for Australian livestock (notably from China) prices, are being inflated, particularly for lamb. The value of Australian livestock production rose by 17.7% in the 2017-2018 period, and this has helped contribute to a 14.4% increase in the price received for lamb by Australian farmers.

Spotlight on employment

In 2018 the employment level for occupations relevant to agribusiness, was around 165,000, which was around 20,000 more than the previous year. Additionally, the top five agricultural occupations in demand were:

  • Mixed crop and livestock farm workers
  • Freight handlers
  • Other farm, forestry and garden workers
  • Agricultural, forestry, and horticultural plant operators
  • Crop farm workers

Spotlight on in demand skills: The changing nature of agriculture

According to the Agriculture, Horticulture, Conservation and Land Management Industry Reference Committee’s 2019 Skills Forecast, the top generic skills for the agriculture industry are:

  • Learning agility, information literacy, intellectual autonomy and self-management/adaptability skills
  • Managerial and leadership skills
  • Financial skills
  • Technological skills
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) skills

Spotlight on industry: Embracing future technologies

The Australian agriculture industry’s increasing demand for ‘tech’ skills and decrease in more traditional ‘farming’ skills, suggests that there will also be a shift in the content being taught to the next generation of farmers.

Australia’s agriculture industry is forecast to reach $100 billion by 2030, but not without substantial investment in agricultural technologies. Top priority skills in the years ahead include carbon farming, permaculture, protected horticulture and irrigation technology.

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