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Start your Hospitality Career

If you’re looking to build on your skills to earn a great qualification in the Hospitality sector, it pays to look to the future.

Start your Hospitality Career

Changing consumer trends and ‘foodie’ cultures, combined with Australia’s access to a wide range of amazing fresh produce, are all helping to propel the Hospitality sector to new heights, and are ensuring that there are new developments that challenge, excite, and delight at every turn.

Spotlight on industry: Filling skills shortages

The service of food, alcohol, and gambling are all pillar stones of the Hospitality sector, and each of these activities are increasingly regulated. This means that for you to join the future hospitality workforce, you will need to have the education and skills that address those regulations.

The top hospitality ‘front of house’ essential skills that you will need include:

Spotlight on job growth: Be in demand

The hospitality industry is constantly growing, with an increased focus on safety and service, and experts suggest that there will be significant growth in the hospitality industry for years to come. With that in mind, making the decision to study a TAFE NSW hospitality qualification could be a very smart move for your career prospects. These are three areas leading that growth in the sector:

Spotlight on international careers

There is a demand for Australian trained hospitality staff all over the globe, including on the ocean going cruise ships. You can work while you see the world.

Among the many international opportunities in hospitality are:

  • Managers of many resorts, especially in the Pacific Islands and in Asia
  • Event planners who look after destination weddings
  • Chefs on cruise ships

Spotlight on emerging careers: specialty chef

With cuisine specific restaurants popping up everywhere, increases in the amount of ‘gastro-pubs,’ and with the rise of ‘foodie’ culture, the need for qualified chefs with a specialisation is booming.

Work as a chef can also lead you to consulting work, management and restaurant owner. And the service industry is growing so it is a great time to get into it.


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