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Type: Guidelines
PD Number: PD20050173

Every Student’s Guide to Assessment provides information on assessment in the form of frequently asked questions and answers. Every student studying in TAFE NSW receives a copy of the Every Student’s Guide to Assessment.

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Type: Policy
PD Number: PD20050087

1.Objectives – Policy Statement


Prior to commencing a TAFE NSW Final Examination, a learner is required to present their TAFEcard to the Examination Supervisor as a visual means of identification.

This policy documents the effective and efficient management of this process.

2. Audience and Applicability


This policy applies to:

  • All TAFE NSW staff involved in the administration of final exams, including examination supervisors, honorary supervisors, exam controllers and campus managers
  • Learners attending TAFE NSW Final Examinations.

3. Context

3.1 Policy


In March 2000, as a result of the unanimous endorsement by Institute Directors, the Director-General of Education and Training approved the following:

  • The TAFEcard as a compulsory form of identification for learners
  • That learners be required to carry their TAFEcard whilst on college and exhibit it upon request
  • That learners be required to produce their TAFEcard when sitting Final Examinations.

In compliance with the above approval, all colleges are to issue a TAFEcard to anyone enrolled in a TAFE course and/or requiring access to facilities at TAFE NSW colleges. This requirement includes those enrolled in commercial courses, OTEN and/or other “remotely enrolled” learners.

Existing limitations of the TAFEcard System require a learner to be physically present at their college of enrolment so that a TAFEcard photograph may be processed. Taking this into consideration, TAFE NSW colleges are advised to adhere where technically possible to the mandatory issue of the TAFEcard to all enrolled learners.

3.2 Legislative


Unlike the Education Act which permits the Board of Studies to make arrangements as may be necessary for the conduct of examinations for Primary and Secondary school students under section 102 (Functions of the Board), the Technical and Further Education Commission Act 1990 (‘TAFEC Act’) has no specific section regarding the Commissions ability to make arrangements for the conduct of TAFE examinations. However section 12(1)(a) of the TAFEC Act provides for the general provision of policies related to the technical and further education services provided by the TAFE Commission. It is primarily this section of the Act that provides legislative support for the development of a policy to make mandatory the presentation of learners TAFEcard identification at final exams.

3.3 Document History and Details

Implementation date – 30/08/2006

Web publication date – 24/09/2015

Reference Number – PD/2005/0087/V02

Approval date – 30/08/2006

Approving officer – Assistant Director-General TAFE Educational Services

Superseded documents – N/A

Document history – N/A

Main changes since previous version – N/A

Policy contact – TAFE Customer Services (02) 9244 5281

NSW TAFE Commission reference numbers N/A

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Publication data

Publicly-available – Yes

Storage location – wwwpolicies: central

Primary location – TAFE | Student administration | Assessment

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Subject keywords – TAFE examinations, identification, TAFEcard, final exams, examination supervisors, student, name, controller, incident report, learners, learner indentification

4. Responsibilities and Delegations

4.1 TAFE Student Services


TAFE Student Services is responsible for:

  • Providing support on the application of this policy
  • Maintenance of this policy.

4.2 TAFE Regions


TAFE Regions are responsible for the effective administration of this policy.

4.3 TAFE NSW Learners


TAFE NSW learners are responsible to adhere to directives contained in this policy.

5. Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Requirements


TAFE Student Services

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