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10 courses that lead to amazing careers

That will make you think differently about TAFE NSW

10 courses that lead to amazing careers

We’ve etched our name into the hearts of Australians for our innovative training in trades. But did you know that TAFE NSW offers you more than trades?

Our courses are designed to skill a modern and innovative work force and respond to key economic forecasts and trends.

Check out these 10 courses for 10 amazing careers:


1. Associate Degree of Applied Engineering (Renewable Energy Technologies)

Work in a profession that will help you shape the future. This two year qualification will equip you with the skills you need to design, install and maintain sustainable energy technology solutions. As government and corporate priorities shift, and ambitious targets are set to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, your knowledge will be in demand. Households and businesses are adopting solar energy at high rates.

Be a: Para-professional in the renewable energy sector in government, corporate, environmental and small business.


2. Bachelor of 3D Art and Animation

Delivered at our renowned Design Centre Enmore, there is a strong focus on building a portfolio of work so you’re ready for roles in 3D and visual effects, concept or pre-visualisation, 3D modelling for interactive games or creating visual effects for a feature film.

Be a: Visual communicator, 3D animator, animator, concept artist, art director.


3. Statement of Attainment in Marketing Analytics and CX

TAFE Digital is the first VET provider to offer this specialist skill set for digital marketers, marketing analysts and social media strategists. This short course addresses the high demand in industry for marketing skills that use analytics to predict and optimise the customer experience, across all channels.

Be: Data driven, customer experience focused, a digital marketing strategist.


4. Bachelor of Fashion Design

Follow in the footsteps of industry leaders like Akiro Isogawa, Nicky Zimmermann, Alex Perry and Dion Lee when you study the Bachelor of Fashion Design at the TAFE NSW Fashion Design Studio (FDS) at Ultimo in Sydney. Ranked in the top 20* fashion schools in the world[3], the FDS produces graduates with highly developed creative, technical and practical skills, that are runway ready.

Be a: Fashion designer, design assistant, product developer, production manager, fashion stylist, textile designer or fashion illustrator.


5. Diploma Of Aviation (Instrument Rating)

If flying is your passion, TAFE NSW can help you launch your career. Our Diploma in Aviation (Instrument Rating) is a six month course that includes face-to-face learning and 33 hours of the practical, hands-on learning that TAFE NSW is renowned for. You’ll be up in the air and in a career you love, in no time!

Be a: Commercial pilot, commercial helicopter pilot, military aeroplane pilot and military helicopter pilot.


6. Advanced Diploma Of Music Industry (Sound Production)

The Advanced Diploma of Music Industry is a one year course with two study streams; Audio Engineering and Electronic Music Production. Both streams focus on practical skills, collaboration with your classmates, learning from music mentors, building your portfolio of work and graduating with finished recordings. Our teachers are musicians and producers active in the industry, so they’ll give you their unique perspectives, insights and expertise.

Be a: Music producer, recording engineer, artist, mix engineer, live sound mixer.


7. Diploma of Holistic Management - Sustainable Rural Lands, Business And Communities

Sustainability in farming and agriculture has never been as important as it is today; with drought, flood and other natural disasters changing the way we farm and produce. This course will give you the keys to improve agricultural production systems in sustainable ways. If you are already a land manager, you will learn to set management goals based on the triple bottom line of economic, environmental and social benefits.

Be a: Sustainable farmer, land manager.


8. Advanced Diploma Of Network Security

From scam emails to presidential elections, network security is on everyone’s minds.

In this six month course you’ll develop a comprehensive understanding of critical network security issues and you’ll learn to carry out network security activities in accordance with local and international industry standards, focusing on security compliance.

Be a: Network security specialist.


9. Certificate III in Data and Voice Communications

From installing cables for the NBN to cabling security systems, this course will teach you to select, install, set up, test, fault find, repair and maintain telecommunications and high performance data services in buildings. It includes ACMA requirements for Open Cabler Registration.

Be a: Data-cabler, telecommunications technician.


10. Diploma of Project Management

Are you excited by the idea of a career that can adapt to any industry? If you are organised, great at communicating and driven by deadlines, then a Diploma in Project Management could lead to a rich and rewarding career. Learn to scope a project, manage project information and communication as well as manage timelines and project integration.

Be a: Project leader, project manager, vendor manager, team.


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