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TAFE NSW has introduced a new policy in our approach to managing the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. From 31 January 2022, all workers including contractors are required to have received a COVID-19 vaccination (first and second dose) as outlined in the COVID-19 Vaccination Policy.

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To support our delivery of a wide range of over 1,000 courses across a broad geographical footprint, our team procures a diverse range of products across categories such as General Goods & Services, Construction & Facilities Maintenance and Information Technology & Communications.

As a NSW Government agency, we operate under the NSW Government Procurement Policy Framework. We always aim to achieve quality, sustainable and value for money outcomes for our stakeholders. We are committed to transparent, fair and equitable procurement with reputable suppliers. All suppliers that undertake work on behalf of TAFE NSW must do so in accordance with our TAFE NSW Statement of Business Ethics.

TAFE NSW spends around $600 million per year with suppliers and contractors located across NSW, Australia and globally.

TAFE NSW transacts on the Ariba Network

TAFE NSW simplified the way we transact with suppliers using technology underpinned by SAP Ariba. Our 'TAFE NSW Checkout' solution has many benefits for our suppliers including a reduction in manual processing and paperwork, tailored approaches to supplier management, and a faster payment processing time.

What does this mean for you?

  • All our purchasing operations are conducted through the SAP Ariba Network. Your Purchase Orders (POs), Invoices and Credit Memos will be transmitted using this system.
  • We do not expect this change to affect your relationship with us and in fact, it could open up further opportunities to promote your company and win more business.
  • The Ariba Network will provide you with transparency into the status of your orders and payments. So by joining the Ariba Network, your company will be able to continue supplying TAFE NSW with products and services, and benefit from more efficient supply and payment processes.
  • You will not incur any fees or charges from SAP Ariba or TAFE NSW by transacting through this system.
  • Our updated Purchase Order Terms and Conditions apply to all POs.

We want you to join us on the transformation!

If you haven’t already, you may soon receive your first PO from TAFE NSW Checkout. The email will come from and may go to your spam or junk folder, so please keep an eye on your folders. Once you receive this PO, you can use this to do one of two things:

  • Register for a Standard SAP Ariba Account from your first PO
  • Process the PO to move it into your existing SAP Ariba account

You may also receive a 'Trading Relationship Request'. This will also come from SAP Ariba and is an alternate way to join TAFE NSW Checkout. The email will contain instructions for joining the Ariba Network and registering for an enterprise account. Please action any requests as soon as possible so that we can transact with you.

To assist you with registration, please refer to the below QRGs:

Managing Purchase Orders and Invoices

  • Do not accept any orders from TAFE NSW unless they have either an Ariba Contract or Purchase Order number
  • Do not send invoices to
  • If you have an Enterprise account, you can invoice through the Ariba Network Portal. You can do this using a 'PO flip', bulk upload, or through integration
  • If you have a Standard account, you can invoice through the PO email. You can do this using a 'PO flip'.

For help with invoice submission and the Ariba Network, please select the below link to be directed to the Supplier Education Material Portal where you will find Quick Reference Guides:

Click for Quick Reference Guide

Sourcing Events with TAFE NSW using the Ariba Network

To participate in TAFE NSW tenders you must be registered on the Ariba Network. Once registered, you will have access to the sourcing request details and can review, ask questions, and submit an offer.

There have been a number of QRGs created, and other useful resource documents to help guide you through the process.

These include:

Want to learn more?

You can learn more about this initiative and about SAP Ariba by registering to attend a short web-based 'Supplier Summit'.

View ON24 Session Recordings available through the Ariba Supplier Information Portal for TAFE NSW

Don't forget to checkout our Frequently Asked Questions we have created to help manage your transition to the Ariba Network

Support Options


Want to know the process used to seek support through the Ariba Self-Help Centre on the Ariba Network? Check out this Quick Reference Guide.
If you would like to supply goods and services to TAFE NSW or have any questions about the transition.

Contact the TAFE NSW Procurement Team at:

If you have any questions about how to set up your account on the Ariba Network. Use the Quick Reference Guide to assist you to contact the Ariba Customer Support Team.
To review Ariba information guides for TAFE NSW, you can visit the Supplier Information Portal Ariba Supplier Information Portal for TAFE NSW
If you have any questions about your PO’s with TAFE NSW please contact the TAFE Finance Shared Services Contact Centre 1300 TAFE HELp (1300 823 343)

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