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Industry placements

Did you know that you can partner with TAFE NSW to provide an industry placement (also referred to as work placements or internships) opportunities to our students? Industry placements are a core and valued part of many of our degrees. Being in a workplace helps students not only to develop the skills required by employers, but also reinforces the attitudes and knowledge that employers value. The aim is to produce work ready graduates, so an industry placement benefits students as well as employers.

What is the duration of a work placement?

The length and format of a work placement can vary - for example it could be for 1 week, or 1 day per week over a few months, or several weeks in a row. The exact format and length will really depend on you as an employer, taking into consideration the type of work that is to be undertaken by the student.

Each workplace program is individually negotiated between the employer, the student and TAFE NSW.

Who are the students?

Students completing a work placement are usually final year students who have generally completed two years of full time study in both general and specialist subject areas related to the degree they are enrolled in. Students are not paid by the host employer while undertaking the work placement, and they are covered by TAFE for insurance purposes.

How does it work?

Students generally work alongside your employees but with appropriate supervision and direction. You should assign work to the student as you would to a junior employee. Ideally an experienced staff member should be assigned to act as a mentor or advisor to the student, with sufficient time to monitor the student's work and provide constructive feedback. You will be asked to provide some feedback on the student's performance which will form part of their assessment for the course.

Want to get involved?

If you think you can host a student on work placement, contact the course coordinator of the relevant degree.