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Short courses can make a big change

Change can be daunting. But big change can start small. Here's what S.H.O.R.T stands for.

Short courses can make a big change

When you study a TAFE NSW short course, you can ease into your big career change without taking on too much too soon. Whether you're looking to advance your career, boost existing skills, explore new career options or discover a new passion, we've got a great little way to help make a big difference.

'S' for 'Shape your career future'

Short courses are designed to provide you with the latest industry skills, as well as the confidence you need to achieve your larger goals sooner. Many of our short courses can lead directly to certificate-level courses and other nationally accredited qualifications. That means your little short course could quickly make a big difference to your career trajectory.

'H' for 'Help bridge the gap to further study'

When you want to make the big decision to return to learning, our short courses can help you prepare by catering to your needs with a range of options. Courses include essential maths for higher education, essential statistics for higher education, academic research, essay writing, skills for effective workplace communications.


'O' for 'Onward with your business'

Diversifying your skillset through a short course can make you more employable, more highly valued, and can help you to get even more out of your career.

The practical nature of TAFE NSW short courses will ensure that you acquire the necessary skills to take the next big step in your career or business progression. We offer short courses in a range of business skills, training and assessment, WH&S, property services, hospitality, design and much more.


'R' for 'Required to keep up to date'

Working in an industry that requires continual professional development is made easy with TAFE NSW short courses. Our close connections to industry mean we can tailor short courses quickly, to reflect the changes and trends within your industry. By offering short courses throughout the year, TAFE NSW can ensure you meet all your regulatory requirements in a timely fashion.

Courses range from Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) to food safety handling, maritime, specialist trades and first-aid.


'T' is for 'Test yourself and discover the new you'

Taking your career in a new direction with a short course could just be what you need to discover the new you. Short courses don’t require a huge financial or time commitment, and if things go to plan, you can be in a great position to continue your studies at a certificate and diploma level.

TAFE NSW offers a diverse range of courses throughout the year including photography, animal studies, web design, design, hair and beauty, cake decorating, and floristry to name a few. Courses are usually flexible, with evening and weekend options.

Be inspired. Enrol in a TAFE NSW short course. It could lead to a long career path or even a brand new passion.

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