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Double down on changing degrees

Transferring degrees or changing universities? Research confirms you should be chasing great jobs, not rainbows.

Double down on changing degrees

Change courses at-a-glance


Academics at the University of Melbourne analysed students who completed Year 12 and found that those with Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications were two and a half times more likely to have a permanent job than people with a Masters degree or even a PhD.

Chase great jobs, not rainbows

The research, funded by the Australian Research Council, shows that while higher levels of education do provide some protection from unemployment, the relationship is murky. A relatively large proportion of ‘highly’ educated young adults are experiencing underemployment and precarious work situations.

"For many young people, using their educational qualifications to find security in work is a bit like ‘chasing rainbows’," the researchers say.

This is on top of the much-quoted Skilling Australia research (McCrindle, 2017) that found Vocational Education and Training (VET) graduates earn wages comparable to, if not exceeding, that of university graduates, and that the median graduate salary for TAFE NSW students is actually higher than university graduates.

Charlie got a superb job and a rainbow

Not chasing rainbows doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow your passions. Charlie went to university because that was what was expected of him. But then he switched to a TAFE NSW Degree. He found personal fulfilment and a great career too.

Study for a Degree in the friendly environments at TAFE NSW, and you will have lots of time with teachers and industry insiders.

Charlie was able to score a very sought-after graduate position at a major bank while he was still studying his TAFE NSW Bachelor of Property Valuation.

"I was in a room full of university students who had already finished (degrees) and I was in my second year at TAFE NSW and they gave me the job instead,” says Charlie.

"I think our teachers are very hands on and I think that's what gave me the knowledge and experience to ... know what the industry wants and needs."

Because of the study flexibility, he was even able to finish his TAFE NSW Degree part-time while working his dream job.

Future proof qualifications

TAFE NSW courses are created in consultation with employers so there is always a career goal and industry needs in mind.  And when you study a Smart and Skilled (government-subsidised training) qualifications, courses are linked to NSW skill needs.

And with a huge range of scholarships, and student support services, your qualifications become achievable and affordable.

Degrees adding even more value

Consider the best of both worlds, but gaining a degree that is tuned to industry and employer needs. TAFE NSW Degrees have all the prestige and higher education value of university degrees, but have amazing employment outcomes, and weave in work placements and industry experience into their programs.


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