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Supplier FAQ

Suppliers are encouraged to regularly check this website for information about working with TAFE NSW or alternatively can email the TAFE NSW Procurement Team at

View the TAFE NSW Annual Procurement Plan

TAFE NSW carries out its tender evaluations based on value for money outcomes. This means that the lowest priced offer doesn’t always win as the assessment is generally made against both price and non price criteria. Suppliers are encouraged to read the tender documentation to ensure the requirements are fully understood before submitting an offer. If you are unsure about any information in the tender documentation it is best to contact the nominated Contact Officer to seek clarification. Suppliers are also encouraged to respond to any non price criteria with concise and relevant information that clearly addresses the questions.

TAFE NSW has a diverse procurement profile. Insurance requirements are tailored to the goods and services being procured with insurance requirements listed within the model contracts being used, and within the procurement documentation. If you are unclear of the requirements, contact the TAFE NSW Contact Officer who can advise you in writing.

The length of a procurement process depends on the complexity of the procurement activity, the process being undertaken, and the availability of resources. A timetable for each procurement process is specified in the invitation to supply document to provide you some guidance.

Yes, you are able to seek feedback in relation to your tender response, however TAFE NSW cannot disclose information about other offers received. Feedback will focus on the quality and competitiveness of your offer in relation to the evaluation criteria. The purpose is to encourage good will and is aimed to assist you in future tender responses. The process for obtaining feedback will be detailed in the tender documentation, however if you are unsure please contact the nominated Contact Officer.

The Enforceable Procurement Provisions (EPP) are legal obligations for NSW Government agencies arising from international procurement free trade agreements. TAFE NSW is exempt from these provisions, as they are not listed as a 'covered agency' within schedule 1 of the EPP direction. However, TAFE NSW remains committed to the principles of the NSW Government Procurement Policy Framework, striving to achieve value for money by applying best practice principles and undertaking fair and open procurement processes with our suppliers. 

TAFE NSW actively uses procurement activity to support small and medium sized businesses, Aboriginal-owned businesses, regional businesses and disability employment (refer to our Sustainable Procurement page). If you are an eligible organisation contact the TAFE NSW Procurement Team at

The Deputy Ombudsman (Aboriginal programs) has a legislated function to independently monitor and assess the implementation of prescribed Aboriginal programs including OCHRE- the NSW Government’s Aboriginal Affairs plan. This function is an integral part of the overall accountability framework for OCHRE.

Complaints concerning TAFE NSW procurement processes are to be emailed to the General Manager, Procurement at TAFE NSW at Where a complaint cannot be resolved by TAFE NSW it may be referred to the NSW Procurement Board for further investigation. 

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