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Recognition of prior learning

Students who have completed other studies in a related field or who have extensive relevant industry experience may be eligible for exemption from similar subjects. All applications for exemption must be made to the course coordinator and must include supporting documentation. Students should attend class until they are formally advised that their application for exemption has been granted.


TAFE NSW Higher Education has policies and procedures relating to assessment, academic conduct, progression, exclusion, graduation, tuition fees and student grievances.

Download the Students' Guide to Higher Education Policies or access all TAFE policies here.


The forms below are governed by TAFE NSW Higher Education policies and procedures. It is always advisable to talk to your course coordinator if you are thinking of withdrawing or before changing your study pattern.

  • Professional practitioner form – Ask your medical practitioner to complete this form if you have missed an assessment or examination due to medical reasons. Your medical practitioner should complete this instead of a medical certificate.
  • Withdrawal / interruption form – Use this form if you wish to withdraw from a subject or the whole course, or if you wish to take a break from your studies.
  • Deferment form - Use this form if you wish to defer commencement of your studies.
  • Transfer & co-enrolment form – Use this form if you wish to transfer to another campus or co-enrol at a second campus.
  • Application for fees refund or FEE-HELP recredit - Ask your Course Coordinator for the form if you wish to apply for a refund or recredit of your fees under special circumstances provisions.
  • Application to review a decision not to refund fees / recredit FEE-HELP balance - Ask your Course Coordinator for the form if your application for a refund of fees was unsuccessful and you wish to request a review of the decision.

Other forms directly related to your studies (e.g. assessment cover sheet, request for an extension, request to review an assessment result, etc) should be downloaded from your course Moodle.

Graduation Ceremonies

Congratulations on completing your studies with TAFE NSW Higher Education.

Unfortunately, given the current COVID restrictions in place in Sydney, TAFE NSW Higher Education is unable to hold a graduation ceremony for students who completed their studies at the end of Semester 1 2021. You will however ‘graduate in absentia’ in late August, and will receive your testamur showing course completion. Your testamur will be sent to the TAFE NSW campus you completed your studies at, and you will receive an email in early September advising that your testamur is ready to be picked up.

We are hoping to be able to conduct graduation ceremonies in March/April 2022, subject to public health regulations at the time. You will be invited to attend a graduation ceremony to celebrate your achievement once this is possible.

Replacement testamur

If your higher education testamur is lost, damaged or stolen, you can request a replacement testamur. You need to do this by visiting Customer Services Section at the TAFE NSW location where you completed your studies, to complete an Application for Replacement Testamur form and paying the relevant replacement fee.

Verification of qualifications

If you wish to have a qualification that has been completed at TAFE NSW verified, please email your request to

In your email you must state the learner’s name, the name of the qualification, the TAFE campus the learner studied at, and the reason for your request.

Contact us

If you have an enquiry regarding a TAFE NSW degree course you have completed or are currently enrolled in you should contact the course coordinator at the campus you studied at. For all other enquiries, you can email: