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Start your career in Civil Construction and Surveying

If you are looking to build your Civil Construction and Surveying career, take a quick moment to look at the future. 

Start your career in Civil Construction and Surveying

Every time you travel, and every time you use a household utility or appliance, you’re making use of the hard work and planning that Civil Construction and Surveying professionals have performed to make life a little easier.

As Australia’s population expands, and technological and societal demands increase, the demand for an increase in the amount of skilled professionals within the Civil Construction and Surveying sector will be become extensive. For anyone considering starting, changing to, or progressing a career within this industry – your future looks very promising indeed.

Spotlight on industry growth

Statistics say that employment levels are projected to grow through to 2023, driven by large state and federal government programs that have increased public investment in civil infrastructure. Most employment growth is centred on the civil infrastructure sector, specifically in roles like these:

Spotlight on industry skills

While having a strong drive and determination is essential to making your mark, for those who truly want become successful within the civil construction and surveying industry, you need to be driven by strong values, and possess a range of essential skills.

According to industry forecasts, the priority skills for the civil construction and surveying sector are:

  • digital literacy
  • workplace safety practices
  • communication skills
  • problem solving skills
  • environmental sustainability skills
  • learning agility and adaptability
  • intellectual autonomy and self-management skills
  • science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) skills
  • managerial and leadership skills
  • planning and detail oriented skills

TAFE NSW teachers are all industry experts who shape their courses to reflect modern trends and skills evolving within the civil construction and surveying sector. So when you choose to study at TAFE NSW, you can be assured that the skills and knowledge you learn, will help you to build your career the right way.

Spotlight on employment opportunities: Be in demand

The demand for skilled civil construction professionals has dramatically risen throughout Australia. With the large number of infrastructure projects are underway across the country, the need is only expected to increase even further.

The 2017 spike in construction activity has created an atmosphere today where employers are tenaciously scrambling for the best talent available, by increasing wages and adding great fringe benefits to lure and retain the best workers.

The top 5 most in demand civil construction and surveying occupations are:

Spotlight on careers: Surveyors

Surveyors plan, direct, and conduct survey work to determine boundaries and landmarks, preparing and revising maps, charts, and other geographic products, analysing presenting, and maintaining geographical information about locations.

According to industry forecasts, the top priority skills needed for future surveyors are:

  • mathematics and working with numbers
  • critical thinking, deductive reasoning, and problem solving
  • monitoring and categorisation
  • management of personnel resources
  • instructing and coordinating with others

Surveyor’s weekly pay: $1,958
Example of TAFE NSW courses aligned to surveying:

Spotlight on in demand careers: Civil engineers

Civil engineering professionals design, plan, organise, and oversee the construction of civil engineering projects, such as dams, bridges, pipelines, roads, and other structures;

Tasks that civil engineers perform include:

  • analysing soil and rock behaviours when placed under pressure
  • analysing the statistical properties of structures
  • testing materials used in construction
  • planning and developing transportation systems
  • estimating and monitoring the construction costs.

There are likely to be around 28,000 job openings over the next 5 years, which equates to roughly 5,600 jobs per year.

Civil engineer’s weekly pay: $1,962
Example of TAFE NSW courses aligned to civil engineering:

So if you’ve ever considered entering the industry, now is a great time to enrol in a TAFE NSW civil engineering course to gain the necessary skills and qualifications to score an in demand job.

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